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PCAOB Urges Auditors to Follow Standards on Going Concern

Mon Sep 22 14:57:27 PDT 2014

In a staff audit practice alert issued on Monday, the US audit regulator reminded auditors that they should continue adhering to the board?s existing standards when considering an organization?s ability to operate as a going concern....

2014-15 Per Diem Rates for Travel Expenses Set by IRS

Mon Sep 22 13:21:29 PDT 2014

The IRS has announced the special per diem rates for substantiating certain business expenses taxpayers incur when traveling away from home in 2014 and 2015. The new per diem rates go into effect Oct. 1....

Key Tax Considerations of Sending Employees Overseas

Mon Sep 22 11:16:49 PDT 2014

Because of global expansion, the challenges of sending employees abroad are now worthy of executive-level attention. International assignments come with a host of business implications, and tax is a top consideration....

Nonprofit Accounting: It's Not for Wimps

Mon Sep 22 10:14:11 PDT 2014

If you're a CPA with a bent for do-gooding, consider nonprofit accounting. It's a growing area with a lot of variety, but be prepared to roll up your sleeves: nonprofit doesn't mean non-stress. ...

Bramwell?s Lunch Beat: Auditor Naming Plan Sparks Debate

Mon Sep 22 09:29:34 PDT 2014

The menu for Sept. 22 features specials on Lois Lerner breaks her silence, a roundup of last week?s IRS technical guidance, two Senate Democrats propose exit tax for inverting companies, and more....

Why You're Completely Wrong about How You Hire

Mon Sep 22 04:01:04 PDT 2014

For accounting majors, fall means recruiting season. They will probably be interviewed and evaluated?and these interviews and valuations will probably fail to achieve their purposes....

The 6 Questions for Understanding Cybersecurity

Fri Sep 19 09:51:02 PDT 2014

Cybersecurity is no longer merely an IT concern. Accountants and financial managers may have been thinking it's just the province of the tech guys, but now it's a financial issue as well....

Bramwell?s Lunch Beat: Here?s Some 2015 Tax Year Projections

Fri Sep 19 09:32:28 PDT 2014

The menu for Sept. 19 features specials on John Boehner says fixing ?the whole tax code? is a top GOP priority, Senate passes short-term extension of Internet Tax Freedom Act, the 20 most overrated things in accounting, and more....

10 Things to Consider Before Referring a Financial Advisor

Fri Sep 19 04:44:04 PDT 2014

By referring an advisor, you can help your clients, many of whom need professional advice. But how can you know when the financial advisor you are referring is competent and ethical?...

Accountants Use Their Skills in Divorce Arena

Thu Sep 18 10:20:43 PDT 2014

The fallout from divorce can wreak financial havoc long after the dust in the courtroom has settled. Accountants can help both parties move forward, thanks to their unique knowledge and skills....

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