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Our Friday Wrap-Up: What You May Have Missed This Week

Fri Mar 27 10:00:19 PDT 2015

Big 4 taking on law firms, experts discuss end of tax returns in UK, 13 small business website mistakes, and more....

Bramwell?s Lunch Beat: SEC Member Not Convinced of Dropping GAAP for IFRS

Fri Mar 27 08:09:17 PDT 2015

The menu features specials on why taxes are taking longer to do, IRS calls off possible temporary shutdown, and more....

Charitable Deductions: If You Don?t Prove 'Em, You?ll Lose 'Em

Fri Mar 27 04:29:10 PDT 2015

When it comes to claiming charitable deductions on a 2014 federal income tax return, good recordkeeping is essential. ...

Decision Expected Soon by PCAOB on the Reorganization of Auditing Standards

Thu Mar 26 14:17:16 PDT 2015

Board members are expected to vote on the standards restructuring proposal during an open meeting on March 31....

Consider These 3 Tax-Time Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Accounting Practice

Thu Mar 26 10:00:21 PDT 2015

Tax season isn?t just about getting the job done. It?s also the best time to think strategically for the coming year. ...

Interest Rates Will Remain Unchanged for Q2 of 2015, IRS Says

Thu Mar 26 09:30:09 PDT 2015

Set to begin on April 1, the interest rates are computed from the federal short-term rate, determined last January....

Bramwell?s Lunch Beat: Repeal of Estate Tax Backed by Ways and Means Panel

Thu Mar 26 08:45:39 PDT 2015

The menu features specials on SASB releases new standards, Ways and Means passes IRS private email bill, and more....

Here is How You Can Find Circular References in Microsoft Excel

Thu Mar 26 04:05:11 PDT 2015

Tracking down circular references scattered across numerous worksheets can be tricky. But there's a way to do it....

8 Ways CPAs Can Raise Their Visibility in a Country Club Environment

Wed Mar 25 11:00:18 PDT 2015

OK, you got through the door. What?s next? There are steps you can take to increase your visibility. But be tactful about it....

Clarified Auditing Standards: Internal Control Related Matters?Part 2

Wed Mar 25 09:35:41 PDT 2015

This latest article looks at reporting significant deficiencies and material weaknesses under AU-C Section 265....

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