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Fee Schedule

Standard Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2014

(Fees may be modified based on individual circumstances. Actual fees are determined by time involved.)

Regular Hourly Rate $200/hour
IRS or State Tax Examination Representation** Retainer $1,250*

Installment Payment Plans:

Simple – Balance Due < $25,000 $775*
Regular – Balance Due > $25,000 (Personal Liability) $1,250*
Complex – Balance Due > $25,000 (Personal and Business Liability) $1,750*

Offers in Compromise:

Simple - Balance Due < $25,000 (Personal Liability only) Retainer $2,400*
Complex - Balance Due > $25,000* Retainer $3,500*
Penalty Abatement Correspondence (Incl. Related Telephone Calls) Retainer $775*
Tax Return Preparation (Based on Complexity of Returns) $410 +

* Retainers are NOT an estimate of the anticipated cost, since all situations are different. Actual charges may include travel time to and from the IRS office handling the examination.
** Applies toward cost of Offer in Compromise

Our normal services in any delinquent tax situation include:

  1. Obtaining Power of Attorney for tax matters
  2. Contacting the IRS and/or State Department of Revenue to inform them that we have been engaged to represent the taxpayer(s)
  3. Requesting a delay in any further collection activity to allow us time to gather the necessary information and prepare the needed forms
  4. Requesting transcripts of the taxpayer's returns and records of their accounts to determine the taxing authority's position and the status of each year/period in question
  5. Requesting Abatement of Penalties, if the taxpayerhas reasonable cause
  6. Resolving the taxpayer's IRS problem

Services do not begin until our retainer has been paid.
Services cease when our invoice or retainer request is unpaid.