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Welcome to the Tax Solutions web site, where you can learn how to solve your IRS tax problems, save money, and live with fewer tax worries...

Hello, I'm Jonathan Wieand, founder of Tax Solutions. In my over 30 years as a CPA, I have met hundreds of taxpayers unable to pay their taxes because of IRS mistakes, lack of information or knowledge, confusion, procrastination or bad financial decisions . . . and I have helped them resolve their problems and get a fresh start!

I became a tax consultant because people like you deserve professional assistance instead of being bothered by the IRS, and I became a charter member of the American Society of IRS Problem Solvers to improve my expertise to serve you better. Less than 1% of all Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), attorneys and enrolled agents are members of this prestigious group.

Tax Solutions has saved our individual and business clients millions of dollars since its founding in November of 1998. We believe using professional tax representation helps taxpayers with tax problems achieve the best possible outcomes . . . and we work with the IRS on a regular basis so, in most cases, you won't have to. Tax Solutions uses the latest, best, and up to the minute information available to affordably end your tax problems.

Call one of us today for a FREE Confidential Consultation to discuss options for solving your problems. You will benefit from our representation before the IRS. Remember, most taxpayers who become our clients never have to talk or visit with the IRS. This allows you to focus on your family and business and not have to worry about disturbing phone calls or uncomfortable visits.

Why not contact us today?


Jonathan D. Wieand, CPA

President, Tax Solutions, P.C.