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IRS Accepts Small Offer in Settlement of Large Tax Bill

After fighting the IRS since 1994 on this 1988 tax bill and getting nowhere,Tax Solutions was hired and prepared the Offer in Compromise that finally resolved our problem. "Could you hear us celebrating? Thank you so much!"

K.E. B., Bristol

IRS Settles Less

The IRS rejected the self-prepared Offer in Compromise, but Tax Solutions found errors in the IRS calculations and got the Offer accepted.

G.J., Sturgis, MI

Non-Filer Avoids Tax Court—IRS Claimed more But Agreed On much less

The IRS sent a notice giving 90 days to petition the Tax Court or pay up.

Tax Solutions discovered the IRS had prepared a Substitute for Return, prepared a replacement return, and solved the problem.

R.J., Middlebury, IN

Penalty For Late Filing Abated

The IRS had no compassion and rejected reasonable explanations for late filing. Another CPA gave up and said to pay the penalty.

Tax Solutions wrote a complete and detailed explanation and also got a rejection letter. Instead of giving up, Tax Solutions took the rejection to the Appeals Division and got the penalty removed.

"Please know how grateful we are for your role in that process."

C.L., Goshen, IN

IRS Said Statute Of Limitations Expired But Tax Solutions Won Appeal For Refund

"Without Mr. Wieand's expertise, we would have . . . been at the mercy of the IRS after a rejection of our initial request.

We believe Mr. Wieand's knowledge and expertise was a wise investment for us."

S.J., Elkhart, IN

Tax Saved During IRS Audit

Tax Solutions got the IRS auditor to accept deductions not claimed when the original, self-prepared return was filed.

R.L., Bristol, IN

Bi-Weekly wage levy reduced

IRS issued a wage levy leaving too small an amount to live on every two weeks. Tax Solutions arranged a levy reduction increasing take home pay to equal my allowable living expenses.

"Excellent!! I'm happy with the results and appreciate all the hard work you've put into this."

D.N.M., Greenfield, IN

Penalty Waived

The corporation owed a large penalty for unpaid payroll taxes at dissolution. The shareholders were facing a large Trust Fund Recovery Penalty against them personally, but Tax Solutions submitted documents allowing them to waive the penalty.

"I'm still reeling from our conversation yesterday . . . It just doesn’t make sense that they would walk away from the possibility of collecting $$$ . . . I appreciate your help."

S.R.M., Elkhart, IN

Tax Solutions Saves Most Penalty

After late deposits of payroll taxes, the IRS and state charged large penalties. When asked to waive the penalties both said "no".

Tax Solutions filed appeals, which were approved, saving 2/3 of the total.

C. C., Goshen, IN

Taxes Paid, Lien Released

A large IRS lien for unpaid income taxes kept the taxpayers from refinancing their home to be able to pay the taxes (a real "catch-22").

Tax Solutions got the IRS to remove a wage levy and put the account on temporarily uncollectable status. Tax Solutions staff then found a bank that would refinance the home since the loan would fully pay the IRS and cause the lien to be released.

"If I have any more tax problems, I will contact you. Thank you for all your help!"

T.R.F., Elkhart, IN